The primary objective is to give the entire app a rebranding. This rebranding will involve boosting user numbers and introducing additional functionality such as improved check-in and booking features for in-store members, as well as the addition of online class and shopping categories. As online scheduling has proven to be ineffective, the class page will be revamped to incorporate weekly or monthly options.
Usability Improvement
Visual Achievement
User Engagement
Upon examining the competitors below, I was motivated to enhance the usability of the Pilates Barre app. The principal aim of this project is not just to make cosmetic enhancements but also to incorporate an online class feature and a personal dashboard, thereby augmenting the overall usability experience and making it more efficient than its rivals.
Club Pilates
Club pilates app have the personal dashboard as well as online classes available in the app.
One of the top competitors where they recently merged with the previous version. They have the organized and personalized home screen with class/instructor browser.
Pure Barre
Users can make fitness classes & appointments at the top studios, gyms, salons and spas around them. It’s simple and easy to navigate.

The health club industry generates over 100 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue, and the health club franchise market is thriving with significant revenue expected by 2028. The target demographic for this Pilates app is women aged between 25 and 44 who are willing to invest extra money in their health. Based on the research, the pilates barre will include both online and offline pilates classes to gather more members, also clothing category will increase the user engagement.

The Pilates Barre app will utilize a color scheme featuring pinkish-purple and yellow-green hues to draw attention to key information. The app's logo and name will be displayed in a bold and modern sans-serif typeface, specifically Poppins, to create a contemporary and minimalist atmosphere.







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Second trial

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B: 100%

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Too much information on one page “Purchase” font size is too big Font should be more clear and the background photo needs to be darker
HOME page
design comparison
A membership status bar has been added, providing users with easy access to their account information and keeping them informed about their membership status.

A QR code icon has been added at the top of the page, making it easier for users to check in and access relevant information.

The main page has been enhanced by adding colors to create a visual hierarchy, directing users' attention to important areas of the page.

Promotional photos have been added to showcase the brand and its offerings.

High-quality images have been selected to accurately represent the products or services.
booking page
design comparison
The addition of 'Search' and 'Calendar' features allows users to choose their preferred method of reserving classes, giving them greater flexibility and control.

The class booking page has been reorganized according to class time, making it easier for users to find and book classes at a convenient time for them.

The main icons have been updated, improving the overall design and visual appeal of the page.

A 'Book' call-to-action button has been added, increasing usability and encouraging users to book classes quickly and easily.

More colors have been added to the page, creating a visual hierarchy and directing users' attention to important elements of the page.
Upon downloading the app, the user will be presented with buttons that allow them to either "Explore Class" or "Purchase Membership."
Once the user has bought a membership, they will select a date to view the available classes and then receive a confirmation pop-up for their booking.
After creating the initial version of High Fidelity, I completely overhauled the concept of the application. During the process, I realized that it lacked accessibility and had room for improvement. To address this, I experimented with a neon-like pink color to emphasize the call-to-action (CTA) buttons and reorganized the home screen to enhance usability by making it cleaner and more efficient.