7 KEY branding words
High Quality
Pet lovers
Targeting 20-40years old
The aim of this project is to develop a website that consolidates the brand story and product offerings, allowing customers to easily access and explore both. The intended branding theme is a vibrant, youthful, and endearing tone that appeals to pet lovers aged between 20 and 40 years old.
For this brand, I have chosen a cool blue shade as the primary color as it exudes a refreshing, pure, and youthful atmosphere. Salmon red, a contrasting color, will be employed to highlight critical messages or information, and its reddish tones will whet the user's appetite. The webpage will showcase rounded square-shaped buttons with black stroke icons and white fill. Some informative buttons will be distinguishable by their different colors or more rounded shape. In addition, the brand's logo has been revamped to feature a more subdued and circular sans-serif font, with blended arches.
The shopping experience should be both visually appealing and effortless. Petcrew's app design prioritizes a clean and simple aesthetic, directing customers' attention straight to the products.



Designed for Instagram posts, these three posters aim to urge viewers to register their preferred shop on a portal site. The dominant brand color, blue, has been incorporated along with graphic elements such as dogs, lines, and lights.