This is an app to connect parents with their kids for playdates. The user can enter a preferred location and meet up with a matching family after completing personal preference questionnaires. The app will also provide play tips or guidelines for playdates.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for parents of young children to connect with each other, especially for new parents who have few friends with children in their city. The lack of social interaction and playdates for children can cause isolation and negatively impact their development.

The Neverland app has been designed with bright and enjoyable colors, specifically using vivid orange to add vibrancy and energy, which can effectively capture the user's attention. Additionally, dark gray and blue have been chosen as contrasting colors to enhance the app's dynamism. These colors will be utilized in call-to-action buttons to create a positive first impression. It is important to ensure that the contrast is strong enough to make these elements stand out and be easily distinguishable from the rest of the interface.

The main logo of the app uses the Lobster font, which features rounded and curly tips that give it a friendly and approachable appearance. In contrast, angular fonts are also incorporated to add a modern feel and convey energy. For the majority of the app's typefaces, Ubuntu has been chosen for its excellent legibility and clean appearance. The use of this font ensures that the text is easy to read and contributes to the overall professional look and feel of the app.
Lobster Regular
Arboria Book
Arboria Medium Arboria Bold

I adapted the illustrations of Garfieldbigberm which were available at marketplace. The illustrations are designed with bright colors in 3d shapes. The mood matches well with the app.
Challenges & Customer Insights

Based on the target audience research, below are the challenges I found and work on to improve the quality and
usability of the app.

People prefer a phone call or text messages rather than in-app chat

Safety is the biggest concern with a child-related playdate app

Prefer a personalized questionnaire for similar interest
Task 1
Make a playdate appointment through a group chat feature
According to research, the ratio of users who want in-app chat and phone text/call features on their mobile device is almost the same. To increase the number of users and the frequency of app usage, it has been determined that a feature that allows users to easily communicate and make appointments within the app is necessary. By tapping preferred date and time, the user will get more precise result. The loading page will showcase a fun illustration with relevant texts. In a group page, people will be able to chat as a group and make appointment accordingly. The user can choose all or select a specific member to start chatting.
In order to pair individuals with shared interests, the process of booking a playdate should be both personalized and easy.
Task 2
Find and reserve a playdate
Prototype Demo
Play guides will be an unique value to the app by solving awkward situation of meeting new parents, kids and increase the engagement of the app at the same time. Consider adapting monetization plan and what incentives the app can offer and provide peer ratings and reviews.”
Alex Kim, 33
Sr. Product Manager
No. of Kids: 1 & Age: 2Y
After tapping search for a playdate, the result will be shown on a card slide for users to browse at a glance. They can send invite right away or look into the profile to learn more about the person.
Play Tips
In order to facilitate the connection of users for playdates, play tips will be provided in two different ways. Users will see a play tip page when they tap on a notification message or from the main page. The tip page will include videos, instructions, and FAQs. If they want to get more tips, there will be a CTA button.